I feel your pain regarding the Re:coil! The first time I tried it (about a year ago), I used it alone and probably used too much - all I remember is frightening, crunchy, tangled waves - not pretty. I was scared off of using it for awhile...and then after reading all kinds of good reviews here, I thought about trying it again, because it was good for wave/curl definition for me. So now I'm using it again...cautiously...and figuring out how to make it work with my hair. I usually leave in some conditioner, scrunch a little water out of my hair, scrunch in three little dabs of re:coil (sides and back of my hair), and then scrunch in three larger dabs of gel on top. Works well, especially if every other element (weather, etc.) is cooperating too!

Like everything else, I think it's all about figuring out the right amount and maybe trying it with other products. Less is definitely more in my case!