I'm anti-abortion but pro-choice, so I can't really vote in this poll.
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I don't get it. I have pro-choice options up there. I used the terms "anti-abortion" to stay away from the "pro-life" label, which I personally don't like when describing someone who is anti-abortion.
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Same here. I simply voted with the the pro-choice/anti-capital punishment option because it best describes my opinions on the whole. What I mean when I say that I am anti-abortion but pro-choice is basically that I don't really care for abortion (who really is pro-abortion anyway? I hate it when pro-lifers use that label for pro-choice proponents), but I don't think that it should be illegal. I think that the organism being destroyed during the abortion procedure is a human being, I hope I am never faced with a decision that involves me getting an abortion, but I think that allowing the option to be out there is definitely the lesser evil since two human lives are at risk during back alley abortions instead of just one. I simply believe that what is or is not moral should not necessarily govern what is or is not legal.
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