curlsofny, another this salon in the "Woodbury Plaza" by Ann Taylor Loft, etc..Also which stylist did you like better..if you could tell me, i cannot access the Deva trained stylist link anymore, thanks LIme..
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Hi Lime, for my hair, she did clip the top. I only needed 3 clips. She did say that my hair in particular would not need more than that. I think this might be the Woodbury plaza - I don't recall if there is an Ann Taylor, but there is Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joe's, CVS, Victoria's Secret...the salon is near the far right end of the center - on the second floor near a Weight Watchers. You walk into a lobby & go up a flight of stairs. Personally, they were both good, but I think I liked the guy, Steven a little better. The girl is Laurissa and she is excellent as well. The phone number is 516-935-1500. I do not think they are there on Mondays. Also, Steven only works Thurs, Fri & Sat. Just be sure you specify you want the Deva dry cutting method. HTH.