Well, it's funny because my mom is white hispanic with long wavy hair and my dad is black, but my mom has always been way more supportive of my curly hair than my dad's side of the family. She actually thinks I don't have enough pride in my hair and gets mad at me when I wear wigs. She seems to take it as a personal affront because I'm a person she created XD She's very sensitive and concerned with black issues and that I might be buying into stereotypes of beauty always worries her (but I don't know how much that might apply to you).

I'm very grateful I have a mother like this, but of course everyone has that person who will make nasty comments about your appearance in what they feel is in good esteem. And for me that person is my paternal grandmother. I've already made a thread talking about her, so you might know. But she despises my hair and treats me different than the other grandchildren because I have curliest hair and I'm "blackest". Of course she'd never admit, but I feel like she honestly likes me less.

But don't worry, as you can see with my mom and grandmother, you just have to find someone who will build you up. If you look you will always find five people for everyone one that absolutely adore your hair!