It's funny you mention those jeans. I just got a pair in white. They were sold out of my size online and the stores don't carry ankle lengths for anything under 2. So I got regular and plan to hem them with the fold over method. These are my first Gap jeans and they are really flattering.
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I haven't been able to wear mine for a few months - haven't bothered with getting any full-length maternity jeans - and I miss them! I've been wearing rolled-cuff capri-ish maternity jeans with flipflops since.. er.. it got above 50*. I know, mortal sin. Anyway, I hope I can fit back into my regular ones come fall.
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I forgot when you're due, but I had all of my kids during the month of July. I wore my regular jeans up until it started to get really warm (I put something on them to expand the waistband), then I started to use something like these, but they were cotton. I tied them under my belly in the final months.

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I'm wearing these pants right this very moment! Love, love, love them, and I also have a pair in white that I love. Super comfy, with a breezy, casual style that I love--can be dressed up or down.
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