--The dig at his parents (to a stranger) seriously annoys me. Unless I'm supposed to ask him to elaborate on those issues and see what else we have to talk about!!

Well, I would of course look for another lawyer job if I lose this one. (I have some downtime now to respond.) It's just that there are so many new grads and not enough jobs, so it would not be certain that I'd find anything in my field even after looking for months and months, which of course I would.

May also look now as well. There are a few types of law I just wouldn't be willing to do, like car accident law or Document Review. I have some contacts I would ask for help and hope one of them knew someone who could help me out. I could also go on unemployment and volunteer for a non profit and try to make connections to get a job elsewhere as a non profit lawyer.

I don't have tons of debt, just $150 a month loan payments. There are great things about law and not great things about it; I don't want a life of ridiculous stress - I don't care about money as long as I could be middle class. I want to do something meaningful and that I am passionate about, and so if I could not do that in law I would need to change. I don't want to be one of those people who is miserable for 40 years at work.

My dream has been and is to work for the government but I will have to see whether that pans out, and in the meantime position myself in the best way to achieve my goals, and law experience would be helpful. I'm not making much money here but I really just want the experience.

What I want out of life is: real love, a job I feel good about going to, enough income for a middle class life and to be able to have a retirement in my 60s hopefully, not much stress or anxiety, free time after work and on weekends and vacations to enjoy life, no or minimal marital discord, and hopefully 1 or 2 children to be an amazing dad to and to be able to help them have better lives and to parent better than how I was parented (which was not bad but lacking in key areas.)

My dream was not necessarily to be a lawyer and that was part of the problem. I had passions in other areas that I pushed to the side because I wanted to please my parents. I can still end up in an amazing career, but I'll have to fight hard, and I will, but it is hard to have so much uncertainty and not have anxiety. And I feel scared when I think about it not all working out the way I feel like it "has" to, but I have to fight hard and just hope that it all works out. It's not about money at all, just about my dreams and happiness. I'd much rather have more free time than more money - the business world is not for me, and I also had thoughts about the lawyer world for the same reason.

Not sure if that answers the question or not...

Anyway, any advice or input would be appreciated for sure.