I'm wearing these pants right this very moment! Love, love, love them, and I also have a pair in white that I love. Super comfy, with a breezy, casual style that I love--can be dressed up or down.
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That's great! I know you were looking for some linen pants.

I'm due beginning of August. I wore similar drawstring pants from probably 3-5 months, then they just started cutting into me and not being comfortable anymore. I could never get the hang of wearing the belly band things over my other pants/jeans -- they would always fall down. *shrug* Maternity jeans are comfy enough for now.
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The thing I used was like a fake button with an elastic part. It allowed me to wear my jeans below my belly, without having them fall down. A belly band would have driven me nuts. I suffered from itchy belly syndrome with all of my pregnancies.
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Haha, you remembered! I also got these in both black and white. Booo...had to go up a size because they weren't kidding about being slim through the hip and thighs. If they're tight on my hips and chicken thighs, then they're very slim. I like them ok, but I wouldn't wear them with heels as shown--I like them with flat sandals. You can cuff them or tie the strings at the ankle for heels.

I also tried these, but true to VS, they just don't fit well unless you're a 6', 110-lb model and have them all clipped and pinned up in the back for photos.
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