That's great! I know you were looking for some linen pants.

The thing I used was like a fake button with an elastic part. It allowed me to wear my jeans below my belly, without having them fall down. A belly band would have driven me nuts. I suffered from itchy belly syndrome with all of my pregnancies.
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Haha, you remembered! I also got these in both black and white. Booo...had to go up a size because they weren't kidding about being slim through the hip and thighs. If they're tight on my hips and chicken thighs, then they're very slim. I like them ok, but I wouldn't wear them with heels as shown--I like them with flat sandals. You can cuff them or tie the strings at the ankle for heels.

I also tried these, but true to VS, they just don't fit well unless you're a 6', 110-lb model and have them all clipped and pinned up in the back for photos.
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I like the cargo pant. It looks like it gives the bottom a little lift, because of the pockets. Some might argue that it's wrong trying to fool folks into believing I have a bigger booty than I do, but I think it's a more flattering when I fill out a pair of jeans or pants.

The VS pants are nice too, but not as versatile as the cargo pants you bought.
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LOL, I bought the cargos for just that reason...and they really do create a nice optical illusion back there!

I sent back the VS pants--on top of fitting funny, they were too transparent. Too tight again in the hips and thigh. Maybe I'm just working my legs so much that my booty and my thighs are finally getting significantly bigger (no such thing as too big, IMO!) And, yes, they were not as versatile. Where I am in my life right now, I just don't have much need for dressier clothing. Still haven't had the opportunity to wear my awesome stripper heels anywhere.
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