A Deva hairspray... This I have to try. The one thing I missed about CG was the lack of spray to make my hair stay - otherwise it falls flat (fine strands) and into my face (thanks curl pattern). Before CG, I used a hairspray with alcohol and didn't have much of a problem (of course I didn't know any better, either). My hair might care now.

I do agree, if the stylist used a beeswax product, it was probably Set it Free. It's awful stuff to spray on your hair, but great if you spray it in your hand before scrunching the crunchy gel. I have a lot of Deva stuff I'm trying to get through and experimenting with other lines, so I have to get creative
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Products loving my hair:
Co-Wash/LI/RO: DC One Condition
Gel: KCCC, BC Curl Enhancing Cream, DC AnGel

Moisture loving, oil and protein hating (though it tolerates some in products).

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