Hi CurlsForMe,

It's so interesting to read people's stories about how they found the CG method! Like you, my stylists always straightened my hair, and I've been miserable with it my entire life since I never could straighten it myself like they could. I've always kept it super short, until about two years ago, when a new stylist encouraged me to grow it out. When it got a few inches past my ears and I noticed waves appearing, I looked into styling it -- and discovered the whole CG method! It honestly has changed my life since I'd been pretty unhappy with my hair for all of my adult life. I now understand why I could never get it to be straight -- because I don't have straight hair!

Thanks for the color tips and recommendations! I've had to color my hair for a few years because of the gray, but it's gotten worse ever since I turned 40 last summer, and now I have to go in pretty often to cover my roots. I looked into the Robert Craig color and am thinking of trying it. It looks like it's pretty easy to use, and a lot of the gals around here recommend it! I even got some great help to a question I posted about it.

So you know how I was saying that I haven't been as happy with my hair ever since my last cut? Well, today I actually liked it! Silly, finicky hair! I think I will head back to Vickie in August, though, or try the Devachan Salon in LA; I like having someone do my hair who is knowledgeable about the Deva products. I've been really liking them, and wish I had tried them sooner!

Vickie and Suzanne also just "oxygenated" my ends, but the slight trim was amazing! I still feel like all the Deva stylists are really heavy-handed with the products (I hate feeling like I have a lot of stuff in my hair), but it's nice to see how they use each product.

It's been fun chatting!
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