I think the solution is to buy better sheets. The stuff I've bought in big box linen stores always turns out to be crap, no matter the thread count or price....sizes inconsistent, fitteds not fitting, flats too short, all of them too wide, wrinkled mess by morning, wears out quickly, etc.

I know i sound like a broken record, but Lands End has great sheets...and a great price if you shop their clearance section. My LE sheets actually stay on my bed.
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Does it matter which Lands End sheets? Are the 200 thread count as good as the 600? I HATE spending money on sheets but I will if it solves my problem.
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I bought 2 sets of egyptian cotton sheets, king size, 400 count, on clearance for $80 each They've been so awesome. You just have to watch their online clearance section.