I think the solution is to buy better sheets. The stuff I've bought in big box linen stores always turns out to be crap, no matter the thread count or price....sizes inconsistent, fitteds not fitting, flats too short, all of them too wide, wrinkled mess by morning, wears out quickly, etc.

I know i sound like a broken record, but Lands End has great sheets...and a great price if you shop their clearance section. My LE sheets actually stay on my bed.
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RCW, do you have a tall mattress? My fitted sheets fit fine, but my flat sheets always seem to come untucked at the ends because my like to have my sheets/covers, etc. up around my face when I sleep. Ultimately, that tends to leave the length of the flat sheet too "short" and it comes untucked on the sides and eventually on the ends. I don't really have a price range, though I do like egyptian cotton...soooo soft. I will pay for quality, here.
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My mattress is just regular, not tall.

If your flat sheet comes untucked, it's probably too short. I have had that problem with every set I've bought in linens n things or bed bath & beyond...they're all too frigging short...and they get shorter with every washing til they're practically at my waist. LE flat sheets are plenty long...enough to tuck well and still have a large bit to overlap the blanket.