I went for 6 weeks for my shoulder, twice a week. The first session they evaluated my injury and the second session they walked me through the exercises. After that I did the exercises in my own, but the therapist would set up the machines with the proper weights. At the end they would massage my shoulder and let me sit for 10 minues with an ice pack on my shoulder. I didn't use the electric stimulation gadgets (I forget the actual name, they put pads on the muscle and the stimulation makes the muscle contract).

The place I went to was more attentive than the one RCW went to. In the end I gained some strength and range of motion, but the pain didn't go away. The therapist said that PT doesn't always fix everything, which I thought was pretty honest. It was worth a try, though.

Since I had learned the exercises and belong to a gym, I did the exercises on my own for an additional 6 weeks.

The co-pays really add up. I was paying $30 which I thought was outrageous. Crappy insurance.

Now, when my husband messed up his back, PT helped enormously. He had tried massage, chiropractic and acupuncture and was still in a lot of pain despite taking a lot of medication. I finally convinced him to go with PT and it was the best thing he did. He did a lot of hamstring stretches and other stretches held for a long time. After PT he started doing yoga with me, since he noticed yoga had a lot of stretches that were similar to PT. His back is not perfect, but it's done quite well with yoga a few times a week.