I have been using Brocato via my stylist @ Arthur Christine Salon in Vienna VA since last June (when she was located at Salon Daniel) and from first treatment, I have been so pleased, I have had numerous other referrals sent to Rachel (my stylist) to receive the same treatment.

My hair is naturally curly and without anything (product) applied to it, I have ringlets of curls and a bit of frizz around my crown. What sold me on the brocato was that after having done it and waiting 1 week before washing it and going swimming (in a chlorinated pool) on day 7 after the treatment, I blew dry and flat ironed my hair just as instructed (small portions) and I got the same results as my stylist. The following week, I didn't have time to flat iron it so i decided to go curly again and I still had my curls only my frizzy crown was not there as well as the fact that my curls were more defined.
After 3 months of going swimming at least twice a week and alternating between straight and curly styles, my hair was still just as healthy and shiny black as it was when I first had the treatment in June. I'm not sure as to why others have been having these problems but I can say that when I first started going, I had Rachel cut all of the "nasty" out of my hair and my hair was just barely past my shoulders and now, one year later, my hair is comfortably 6 inches longer than what is was last year and my ends are all smooth, my last trim was almost 5 months ago and I still get many compliments on my hair. I think that there is something to b said about making sure that the professional who is using ANY product on your hair needs to know what they are doing as well as making sure that you as thier client knows how to care for your hair in their abssence.