You may remember that I've rescued a cat several times that wanders down Mass Ave. She's missing half a tail from a dog attack and I'm always worried about her getting hit by a car. Anyway, I'm on a listserve for people in my town and he's put up a missing cat post. I have seen the cat so I resonded (none too kindly).

I wrote:
The last time I saw your cat was Sunday in the Dunkin' Donuts barely escaping the wheels of an SUV that didn't notice her as she crossed through the parking lot. She didn't get away thinks to her own kitty wits, but thanks to someone (ahem) who stopped the SUV.

I feel bad for Carmen. I hope she's not injured. I hope someone scooped her up and took her home. If I didn't have two of my own I'd have considered it myself. One of these days that poor kitty's luck is going to run out and that's going to be squarely on your shoulders. Cats shouldn't be roaming free. It's not any more in their nature to let them roam than it is to let dogs roam free. They're both domesticated animals. We are their caretakers and you are doing a very poor job as hers.
And he responded with the cat's life story, but the part that stuck was this:

Thanks for the sighting. In the morning, afternoon, evening? Other than being hit by a vehicle, or stolen, my fear is that she entered a building, car, or truck to explore and is locked in there unbeknownst to the owner.

I understand your position. Some feel special ed children and adults should be locked up in state institutions instead of group homes and exposed to mainstream situations too. Some parents want all kids locked up and not free to play or bike outside with friends as a result of media fear mongering. I see halfway house residents on the street without supervision, and they manage to survive also.

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