This dude sounds WEIRD. Like he needs a therapist and not a girlfriend. Most of the time I'd say to stop messaging him back but you seem to be mostly doing it for the lolz at this point so.

Re: my guy that I mentioned. He was in the habit of messaging me on Skype every time we were both online ... I think I went first only once last week. But then yesterday I had to message him first, and today I notice he's there but not messaging me. Do we think lack of interest or him trying to avoid liking me as per the statement I showed you guys or does he just want me to make the effort?
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I don't skype or IM, so I may not be the best person to weigh in , but personally, I find such things very annoying. I hate when people IM me, ESPECIALLY on the dating site while I am checking my mail.

Maybe he did it initially just to get your attn, but doesn't love that media and actually prefers emailing, texting and calling?

I don't recall the back story but have you met the guy in person? Have you spoken to him on the phone? If you have been enjoying his company via skype or whatever, why not dispense w/ all this other stuff and just go out w/ him to see if there is chemistry?

(If you aready covered this, sorry. Point me to the post so I can read the history.)

eta -- I went back and looked. I see he lives clear acros the country. Not sure what to say about that; I don't do the long distance thing. Is that something you both said you are open to?
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We haven't explicitly discussed what we're looking for ... right now we're just sort of "talking" I guess. I can tell he likes me but I can't tell if he wants anything to come of it. Similarly, I like him but I don't know if I want anything to come of it. This was a silly situation to get myself into; I'm honestly feeling like I should just go back to daydreaming about people who are already in my life who don't like me back.
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Or maybe go out w/ guys locally!