^^ This guy is ridiculous. He's not living in this world. Here's the rest of his letter:

I don't kick Carmen out of the house, she is free to come and go via a cat door. She is a member of the neighborhood and loved by many. Caged indoors, she would be miserable, bored, fat, and exist in a half-dead state. I got Carmen from a friend who thought she was a stray, and definitely a young, outdoor kitten then. I paid to have her neutered at a shelter, but in the 12 years since, she has not wanted to be confined inside.
I've tried several times, but she will not allow another cat to share the house, despite the opportunities for entertainment and companionship. Outside, she is OK with other cats, just not in her house. She even ignores the caged chinchilla a housemate keeps. She used to ignore dogs until the one that injured her tail. She chases off raccoon and skunk,
the latter working less well. I've not spotted predators in the neighborhood in many years.

Several years ago she was stolen by a neighborhood cat lady and exiled to her brother's farm in NH. After seeing my posters up for weeks, conscience got the better of him and he returned her home. Never before had one of his barn cats climbed to the peak of the roof to lay down there. He didn't give me a sense that she was happy there, nor making his responsibility caring for her any easier. Many neighbors asked about Carmen and were happy at her return, me most of all.

I would appreciate it if you kept an eye out for her and pass the word. She is greatly missed.

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