I had to do PT 2 times a week, for 3 months, for my shoulder. They assisted me non stop at first. Made sure my posture was correct while doing the exercises, etc... After I knew the routine they handed me stretch bands and let me get to it. At the end of every session I had a very relaxing 30 min session with ice packs and the tens unit. I enjoyed that so much, I bought one for myself. The exercises did help with pain, for awhile. I've since discovered my neck is the source of my shoulder pain so I wasn't really getting what I needed. Not PT's fault though. They were very nice and helpful ladies, IME. I honestly can't remember the cost but it wasn't outlandish with my insurance.
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What is a tens unit?
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A TENS unit is a small, portable e-stim device that you can easily use at home. You use it for sensory "distraction" of your nerves in your pain area, or to get small muscle contractions. You can wear those suckers all day long for nice "tingles."

It's sad that some of you have had negative PT experiences . I'm studying to be a PTA right now and my program really stresses patient comfort, safety, and effectiveness. There's some great things PT can offer, but then again there's those "burnouts" in every field which just put a damper on the whole thing. I hope your therapy goes well!
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