what the effe?!?!?!?!

first of all, when you are asking the neighborhood to look after your cat, thats a problem!! IMO its like letting your child run wild and saying, "hey, my kid likes being outside, so dont run her over"

Sane people do not want special ed people locked away. but sane people also takes responsible for their children. they dont let them wonder around by themselves where it is not safe.

my cat also enjoys going out, but she is not in the city where she risk getting hit. stays on my dad's block and doesnt go into the street, which is usually deserted throughout the day. i know for a fact there are cats who are outdoor cats, who would be miserable indoors, Poe is one of them. I also know these animals should not reside in high traffic urban areas, (which is why Poe is now living with my dad in the suburbs, instead of me in my busy dc neighborhood).

if he really cared for this cat he would realize how dangerous this is, and would let her go live on a farm where it is safer for her to roam outside. he is just being selfish and stupid, and maybe he should be locked away!