CO wash with V05 & Suave.
RO V05, Suave & L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture (amodimethicone).
LI V05 mixed with drops of EVOO, 8 drops of baby oil smoothed through, coconut oil on ends. Also Mixed Silk conditioning leave in (amodimethicone).
Clarify with Giovanni 50:50 moisture/clarifying once a week.
Sleep in satin cap.
Supplements Country Life Maxi Hair, Fish Oil (omega 3 & 6), B12, Whey protein shakes.

No heat, no gel. Indifferent to protein but it fades color. You can see my progress in my Hair Journey album.
Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
Enjoying the journey to APL or BSL!