I didn't realize that Chicago is unique in that so many people celebrate it there. Was kinda disappointed today in Philly.

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Probably because the US already has a Labor Day. When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the religious holiday.

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I think you are right, though May Day and Labor Day historically were about different things, with May Day being celebrated internationally by workers in part to express the power they had when united, and not just for things like the 8 hour workday and better working conditions, but for shared ownership of production. (Before it was adopted by workers it was a celebration of spring/Pagan holiday as has been mentioned.) Labor Day in American was created in part to downplay the more radical traditions and international unity/worker's power that May Day represented. Most countries do not celebrate Labor Day, but they do celebrate May Day. May Day was founded because of the Pullman strike (violent attacks by millitary on demonstrating or striking workers), and the Haymarket massacre (more violence towards demonstrating workers and government hangs 4 anarchists who were demonstrating) happened on a May Day demonstration too. Both happened in Chicago but shook the world.
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