i un-hid my profile on PoF last night and by this morning had 7 new "meet me" emails.

as usual, you can tell they only look at the photo and don't bother to read the profile:

#1 is Tall 'N Fit looking for fit - i'm short and fat
#2 is in Toronto 2 hours away - i don't drive
#3 is in Windsor 2.5 hours away - see above
#4 has 3 children under 16 - i'm 52, childless and like it that way
#5 is married and looking for something on the side - NOT!
#6 has face fuzz and a deep tan - specify in my profile, NO face fuzz and i don't go out in the sun
#7 lives 700 km away in northern Ontario

My blog:


Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!

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