The last 2 are from the male friend I have to have a talk with now. He was a perfectly normal confident man when I met him. Actually, he was extremely cocky. Now he alternates between rude comments and sulking because I won't act like other girls who come over and file his nails and such. I honestly can't see how these men's perceptions of women can be real. I don't know women who are as dumb, easy, and uncultured as they insist other ladies are. I don't want to argue with them so I just walk away. But if they are in my social circle, we always end up having to have the talk about me being 'kinder' to them. And I refuse to humor them.

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And these are just friends? That's kind of odd. I have a friend like this (female) that often has talks with her close friends about how they are not good friends or need to do things differently in the relationship. She's quite needy and obviously wants everything her way(sounds like your friends as well). Needless to say, the friends are not as close and they keep a distance/different type of friendship. Some relationships/friendships are not meant to be nor are they compatible. It really shouldn't be that hard.