And these are just friends? That's kind of odd. I have a friend like this (female) that often has talks with her close friends about how they are not good friends or need to do things differently in the relationship. She's quite needy and obviously wants everything her way(sounds like your friends as well). Needless to say, the friends are not as close and they keep a distance/different type of friendship. Some relationships/friendships are not meant to be nor are they compatible. It really shouldn't be that hard.
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Most of the men, I don't become close friends with. I shake the comments off as I know it's about them.

This last guy, I actually like and am trying to get to a place where he doesn't read my level of friendship by gifts and ego boosts. As I mentioned, he was normal at first. Since we've known each other awhile, he's started nervousing - (tm) Miss New York. He's really nervous when we talk in person, tells my friends I don't like him, sulky, lost his charisma so to speak. That's really more what I made the thread for. Some men are fools, they are easy to ignore. This kid is pretty sweet but has machismo issues. I would just like to ask him to be himself with me without making it more awkward.

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