I'm gen X, and have dated guys in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. I absolutely think porn influences men's (and women's) sexuality to some degree. IMO it's obvious. The degree likely depends on lots of factors, perhpas sexual experience, confidence, amount of porn watched, age started watching it, and personality, to name a few. If you watch the same type of thing over and over (the porn I've watched does not reflect much creativity), it can have an effect on your behavior, though I think most people are able to reject influences if they are introspective and choose to.

I would say that my exes who were younger (also less experienced than most men in their 30s or 40s) have tended to be more into porn-style sex, but it's just a generalization, not the rule. As someone else said, porn has been much more available to them while they were coming of age than it was for Gen X and older guys. Although one of my Gen X exes admitted he became "addicted" to porn and that he had no desire to do certain things until he repeatedly watched it online. He said it's confusing-- he was no longer sure what he really wanted to do, and what watching porn made him think he wanted to. I relate to that (I was into reading "erotica" at one time).
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