Hey all
I have been scouring the boards and trusty ol' Google for quite a while on this issue. Here is my story (in brief - I hope):

I have chronic headaches, including migraines, which I have been dealing with for about 10 years now. Over the last few years I have noticed that my scalp/hair has become a major trigger for my headaches. This goes beyond just not being able to tolerate ponytails and headbands...more along the lines of absolutely anything, even one small clip holding a small piece of hair up, causing pain. If one strand gets pulled even so very slightly it will trigger headache (which is magnified if I even try to braid it, say at night, and one or more strands get pulled...feels like someone is dragging me by my hair). I've tried every which way to braid it just to get it out of the way...loose, french, side, piggies...plus loose buns...some days I can tolerate something for a while (hour at most) but it's so rare.
I used to finger twirl my hair when wet but stopped that in attempt to reduce pain. Now I plop after a shower, which seems to be ok, but I wonder if it's not ultimately resulting in pain as well. I used to love to get my husband's head/hair massages, but now the shifting of the hair (even just light finger brushing) usually leads to a massive headache. I also have sensitivity with weight on the ears and face (i.e. sunglasses, etc.).

I have read a lot of posts, here and elsewhere, about people who are "tender headed" or what not, but it never quite seemed to the level of sensitivity I have. Today I discovered the term allodynia, which is a symptom of migraine and also fibromyalgia (which d/t various issues I have other than the scalp thing is something I have suspected I may have but am not diagnosed). It basically means something that usually does not cause pain ends up causing pain (i.e. brushing hair, etc). Some people have it just during migraines and others seem to have it all the time, like me. So, at least I have found a name for it.

I guess my question/reason for posting here is that I am curious as to whether anyone else has this severe sensitivity and what, if anything, has helped anyone.
I have tried to figure out if the length/weight of my hair exacerbates the problem. I have read on message boards and such where people have cut their hair d/t sensitivity and that some people are helped and some aren't (and ended up regretting cutting it since they had no change in sensitivity). I really don't want to cut it if I can avoid it...and from what I am reading the jury is out as to whether or not cutting the hair does much to alleviate pain.

So, that's the story. Any fellow sufferers?

3a/2c depends on whims of the Great Hair Goddess

High density/med-high porosity
Mid back length
Low Poo Renpure Keratin or Dr. Bronners / ACV
CO Renpure (red)
LI EV coconut oil & pure shea butter; Jane Carter revitalizing LI (for beach days)

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