I got a Deva cut by a trained stylist about a year ago when I was doing washNgo's most of the time. Well I have about four different textures throughout my head.

Each time I washed and allowed it to air dry the style never really looked the same because of the texture differences some curls hang lower or shrank up differently depending on whether I used a denman, teezer, finger combed etc.

Understand that if you have the same texture throughout, your hair will be somewhat even or will have a decent shape/cut when stretched after your Deva cut however if you have many different textures like me...when stretched or blown straight you will notice different lengths.

It's been over eight months since my last Deva cut and I was pondering whether to just have it blow dried, flat ironed, and cut while perfectly straight like I used to do.

If you're a washNgo person a Deva cut may be ideal because the Deva cut caters to the shape you want after doing a washNgo however if you like wearing stretched styles it may be better to have your hair cut and shaped after it has been straightened.

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