RME. All the men I know seem to be obsessed with "manly" activities. These are "manly" things, etc. And I think it's so ridiculous. Why do you have to keep proving to yourself and others how "manly" you are?

As for myself, I am extremely feminine, but I am very assertive and confident. Everyone that is a good friend of mine has told me they initially thought I was stuck up or they were intimidated by me (both male and females) and how they were surprised to find out that I'm a good person.

It's like a disease. Women are expected to bow down to men, flirt with them, hang on to their every word, do what they say, slave in the kitchen for them, etc. The list goes ON.

All because I'm confident and assertive, I'm "stuck up" or intimidating. But if it was a man, he would be rewarded for this behavior. There is nothing wrong with a woman being comfortable with herself and sexuality. I'm comfortable and happy with myself. I believe that I put my best foot forward everyday, I am proud of the things that I've accomplished and I'm a hardworker. If that makes me "manly", then that's too bad! It just proves most men are not worth my time. I don't want to be around someone who constantly needs to prove how manly they are. I want a man to be as confident as I am, as proud of himself as I am, as happy as I am with life, and just be overall comfortable. I do not want to be a man's constant cheerleader and dumb myself down for a man. It's ridiculous that in this day and age, we're seen as intimidating for having a voice and opinions.
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