Yes, he is a lot like that, but he's like that with everyone. Every weekend helping somebody move. Anticipating needs so the person doesn't have to ask. In the winter, if he noticed I was getting cold, he would get me coffee without having to ask. We were at a reading and my hands were cold and I wore my gloves, so he sat beside me and turned the pages of my book. Tries to take care of me when I'm sick. There's more I'm not telling but I'm not letting him go!

Possibly the reason the other women are doing all those things is because they pay back in kind. But I don't do those things. I would work on his resume for him though but I think he would find it emasculating. I don't usually do happy homemaker things for people I'm not in a relationship with. We will work something out, eventually.

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Yea I'm not the stereotypical female nurturer type at all either. Thing is if he's expecting something from you that is not realistic, it can be difficult for him to change those expectations. I also would not be happy with someone who didn't like the way I am or told me I'm like a man because I don't do this or not. A lot of men these days are not so archaeic anymore and don't blink an eye when I tell them I don't cook, hate cleaning and liked to nurtured myself. And some men still do..I run from those types! Well, we just stay friends if possible, but the attraction automatically goes away for me, it's that simple.