Well I got to the hospital Wednesday night at 5 to be induced with cidotech. The dr went to insert the pill and realized I had progressed enough and broke my water. That was quite the shock I had been planning on laying around all night with nothin happening since the cidotech didn't work on me in my first pregnancy so i was like "y'all it's fixin' to get real, real soon" my labor was not horrible for the most part even after they started the pitocin but at the end the back labor was so intense I thought my back was going to break. Anyway loooong story short Lincoln Marshall was born on Thursday morning May 3rd at 11:15 weighing 8lbs 4oz (I was expecting over 9lbs so I was surprised he was so little) and was 21 inches long (I think I was still pretty high when I was told all the numbers so I can never remember his length) we are both doing great!!!