I just had a devacut earlier today, and I had another one almost a year ago. My sister (who has texturized straightish ends, and then very kinky hair underneath - 4b maybe) also just had a cut, we went together.

The guy who cut our hair said he's done alot of type 4 (not his words, but hair "like ours") before. I agree that it's great if you wash-n-go alot, might be iffy if you plan on straightening. I'm not sure about braids/twists because I don't really do either....but for the way my hair has been cut, I don't think doing braids etc would be any more difficult - the layers are not really that uneven, because my hair is pretty uniform. It does have more definite layers though.The cut prevents that "stacked" effect - where the bottom is really puffy and big because the curls are on top of one another, and the top gets flat. "triangle head" is what I usually call it.

Oh, also, as far as that "curl by curl cutting" thing....I would say for type 4 hair they cut more "bit by bit". Which is good because curl by curl would take about seven hours. It's a very slow cut still, with alot of standing back and checking to see how things are going.

I might post some pictures tomorrow or this weekend.
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I would love to see pictures! How is the cut growing out for you?

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