triple_spiral said....."The cut prevents that "stacked" effect - where the bottom is really puffy and big because the curls are on top of one another, and the top gets flat. "triangle head" is what I usually call it.

Oh, also, as far as that "curl by curl cutting" thing....I would say for type 4 hair they cut more "bit by bit". Which is good because curl by curl would take about seven hours. It's a very slow cut still, with alot of standing back and checking to see how things are going."

Yes, I agree with this. I was starting to have what I call 'Mushroom Head' thing going on, which is why I got the Deva cut. I had her "round out" (layer) the shape a bit more; it worked great and framed my face when I did mostly washNgo's last summer. Over this past winter I did more protective styles like twist/braidouts and noticed the uneven areas because I have more shrinkage on my right than left and something totally different going on front and back.

Yep, it's more like clump by clump versus 'curl by curl' for type 4 hair.

It's definitely time to get another cut because my hair is fine so the longer is gets the thinner/scragglier it looks.

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