hii everyone i was just wonder if there was anyone who went from neck length hair or shorter and if they got to shoulder length. if you did could you tell me how you did it? my hair has been the same length for 3 years straight and ive recently started taking care of it for 3 months now but i feel like it grew alittle and that its not growing anymore? idk what it is but maybe im doing something wrong someone help me, pictures would be nice also ^.^

i deep condition once a week with garnier deep conditioner
i dont shampoo, i conditioner only with mane & tail or VO5
i use aussie moist as a leave in conditioner i also do the tightly curly method so i detangle when i get out of the shower and have the conditioner in my hair
at night i braid my hair in two pig tails cause its too short to braid into one braid
as for trimming i only do S&D when i see it needed & my hair type is 3c with some 4a

i think thats pretty much it

really any ideas would help me feel alittle less stressed out D:

ive changed my regime completely btw
i shampoo once every week.. maybe twice a week if it feels greasy from the olive oil
i deep conditione almost every week.. i didnt do it this week tho
i do the tightly curly method so i use alot of conditioner (w/ Aussie Moist)
at night i braid my hair into 4 braids instead cause my hair always ends up looking better that way
i trim whenever i feel its necessary anyway
..i think thats it for now
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On January 8th I cut my hair from collar bone length to barely shoulder length. Now my hair is a half inch from arm pit length . Here is how I did it .
- I kept my hair in buns
- kept it moisturized
- I deep conditioned at least once a week.
- Haven't flat ironed my hair since New Years (it was my resolution)
- I'm in track and have to exercise everyday.
- I drink at least 3 bottles of water everyday.
- I wash with shampoo every 2 weeks.
Hoped this helped and make sure if you have a question research it on YouTube or natural hair forums. My hair has always been shoulder or neck length since relaxed. This is the longest my hair has ever been since I went natural. Other than when I was like 5 before my first relaxer.

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