I'm an old curly girl of 55 and there isn't one other female in my group of friends with natural hair.
When I went to my last class reunion a couple years ago I was 1 of the few women with curly hair, 1 of the few with undyed hair, and 1 of the few with long hair. I was the ONLY woman with long gray curly hair. I got many compliments from men and women that weekend.
Although I did hear one of my best friends remark that she couldn't understand why anyone would leave the house with gray hair. And that long hair doesn't look good on people 'our age'. I just laughed. I like being different than everyone else.
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I bet your hair is gorgeous! I've always wondered why so many older women cut off their hair. Its like the older women get the shorter the hair gets. My mom has super curly hair but she keeps it cut waayyy short. Like a pixie cut but not. I would love to see her hair grow out.
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