My hair is 2a/c/iii, and very frizzy. This site describes 2A as easy to straighten or curl, stays close to the head, and is naturally very shiny. LMAO I wish that were true. Maybe other wavies are lucky enough to have hair like that. My hair does not naturally "want" to curl or straighten, although both styles are possible. It takes a LOT of coaxing to push it in either direction. I finally decided that the best idea might be to set it in waves, rather than trying to force it to be straight or curly when it doesn't want too.

Now back to my actual question. What products should I use to moisturize, smooth, and set it? I'll probably set it in bantu knots, but I'm not entirely opposed to more complicated setting techniques if necessary. I'm open to commercial products or kitchen recipes, as long as the ingredients are very widely available in stores. I plan to buy the basics at Walmart today, just a few hours from now, but I'm not sure what to try. I need a basic moisturizing leave-in, and something for hold. In other words, I'm trying to come up with "system" to produce the tightly controlled, frizz-free waves I want.