And these dang sulfates! It didn't lighten my color but it made my scalp and eyes sting. One of my eyes out of the shower was bright red!
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Yikes! You're not suppose to wag your eyes with it.

Just make sure (I'f you decide to go back) that HE listens to you. If the owner ignores what you tell him then I'd get up and walk out and never go there again.
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Lol, I can only imagine what my eyes would look like if I actually got some shampoo in them. I think I will use the shampoo to clean my toilet.

And for sure, if I feel that the owner isn't listening to me, I will walk out. Even once he (hopefully) returns my hair to its normal color, I don't plan to return. They don't even have hooded dryers (I like heat lamps the best, but they are even harder to find), and the owner's product line is filled with sulfates and cones.

I will hold off on writing my review until I go back, because I try to be fair like that.
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