My kids hated tummy time.

When I was a,new mommy with my first, I did everything I was told, or read, that I was 'supposed' to do. Forced tummy time, cry it out at bedtimes, back to sleep, scheduled sleep times, etc, as if they wouldnt survive without it. It never sat right with me and I still feel guilty for tormenting my baby like that.

With my second, I followed her lead. I wasnt going to train my baby like a puppy. I carried her in a baby wrap, I let her sleep how she wanted (on her stomach), she slept when she wanted, nursed as soon as she woke up before she even realized she was hungry and cried, and I carried her as much as physically possible. And then I laid down with her til she fell asleep when she napped as a toddler.

I wasn't afraid of spoiling her as a baby, and she's no different than any other almost 5 year old.

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On the flip side of this, don't be afraid to put the baby on a schedule if that works best for you. I thrive on routine and schedules, so I work hard from the first time walking into the house from the hospital at getting my kids on a schedule. If not, I'd go crazy.