Hello everyone!

I'm sort of new to this whole thing, so I am not totally sure what my curl type is and which products I should be using to control my curl and frizz (as you can see in the photos, there always seems to be a little halo of frizz around all my curls).

I started using the CG method a few months ago, but haven't been completely consistent. I use Suave Naturals conditioner to CO-wash, TIGI Bead Head Moisture Maniac as a regular conditioner, Redken Fresh Curls Leave-In Conditioner, and then Redken Align 12 to smooth the frizz (which doesn't help too much but it smells so good!).

To keep my curls from looking like big "poofs," I then have to add some sort of gel (haven't found a good one yet) but when I use enough gel to make my hair not frizzy, then the curls get weighed down. Then, they STILL end up getting frizzy!

My hairdresser recommended mousse ("It's a 10" brand) but I hate it because it seems to make my hair even more frizzy now.

I also use Curls Like Us towels after showering and after applying products (to scrunch). After that, I don't touch my hair unless to apply more product.

I like the way that my hair is cut (long layers to make the curls more bouncy) but I feel like my hair just doesn't look professional (probably because of all the frizz and for some reason my hair always looks wild/crazy at work compared to the straight-haired women). The couple of times in the past when I tried straightening it, it is so "light and fluffy" that it never actually looks straight unless I load it down with oils and hairspray (yuck!) and even then, you can tell I don't have naturally straight hair.

So, I always wear my hair air-dried and curly, but I just don't know how to make it look more professional. I always wear it down (just like it is in the attached pictures) but I am so sick of it and I don't know any other ways to wear it, without feeling self-conscious (I feel like my face looks too chubby when I wear it up or back but I could get used to it).

I work at a public school, so it's not like my hair has to look perfect each day, but I just want to look a little more pulled together!

I feel like if my curls could look smoother (they've never looked shiny, they're soft but definitely not silky) then that would help, but I don't know how to get them looking good or which products would help with that!

Any help, advice, or product recommendations is well-appreciated! Thank you so much!!
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