I've been wearing my hair natural for 5 years and have always had a problem with rough, frizzy ends in the back of my head. The front of my head is smooth and curly from root to tip but the hair in the back is smooth at the roots but the ends were always ragedy and bushy even after a trim. I recenty was about to do another trim/cut to remove those ends because I thought they were damaged, then I ran across Nubian Heritage products in Walgreens. I later saw the EVOO & Moringa Repair & Extend Treatment Masque in the Essence magazine so I tried it last week. I twisted my hair and I notice my hair seemed to had grown but I didn't connect the two. Later when I did a twistout, my hair was full, longer and curlier even in the back. Still didn't connect the two. I shampooed my hair this evening and noticed that when I wet it, the bushy ends were not as bushy and almost smooth. I reached for the Nubian Heritage and finally realized that was it. I ends feel and are responding completely different. They don't feel damaged at all. AMAZING! Don't hesitate to try this product. I am a faithful Shea Moisture customer, but I will be trying the Nubian Heritage shampoo and conditioner for my next shampoo.