I just think they sleep better and longer while flat. Sleeping flat promotes better sleep habits, for a lifetime. My sole purpose in life after each of my babies was born, was faciliting their good sleep habits, with the goal of getting them to sleep through the night ASAP! All of mine reliably slept through by 3 months old...one of them by 10 days old. And my babies all initially had their days/nights mixed up, just like most babies, and 2 of them had colic. I swear by flat sleeping. And a few other tricks.


And, yes, it keeps them from flopping to the side or forward.
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Care to share your other tricks?
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  • Swaddle.
  • Put baby down to sleep while drowsy...IN HIS OWN BED.
  • Get a music box and play whenever laying baby down to sleep...over time baby will learn that his music means sleep and will automatically put his head down...much like Pavlov's dogs.
  • Keep newborns awake in the daytime as much as possible.
  • The ultimate goal should be 2 good naps in the daytime, morning and afternoon. Don't let baby sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch during the day.
  • Keep night feedings UNfun...no lights, no talking, just eat and right back to bed.
  • Work towards moving the 6 hours newborns usually sleep to the same 6 hours that you usually sleep...GENTLY...by waking them a little earlier each nap, or putting him down a little earlier each nap, whichever...just get it moving in the right direction.
  • Work towards spacing feedings out to every 3-4 hours...GENTLY...by having baby wait a few extra minutes at each feeding.
  • Plan to always cluster feed (several feedings very close together) in the evenings, for most of the first half year.
  • When baby is sleeping midnight to 6am (or thereabouts, could be 11pm to 5am), consider that baby "sleeping through the night". Then, work backwords to get the bedtime to be earlier in the evening.
  • Until baby is STN, all sleeping done in the evening is just naps.
  • Don't try to go directly to 6pm-6am...that comes much later.
If you're a traveler, use a portacrib for at least 1 nap each day in your house. Then, when you travel, take that portacrib with you and baby will be accustomed to it and will sleep anywhere.

Babies really can be put on a reliable sleeping/feeding schedule without crying. I didn't let my babies cry. They were always held and cared for, not left to cry. Schedules can be GENTLE. But you have to start from the beginning. If you leave the sleep training until later, that's when many people have to resort to Cry It Out. I don't prefer that method.

If you choose to have a family bed...and many people do, and that's fine with me, people should do what feels comfortable and best for their family...just don't b1tch about it later when you're sick of sleeping with a 2/3/4 year old.

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