So I've been doing tests to see if my hair needs either more moisture or more protein. Well from what I've gathered it needs both. It's super porous (sinks to the bottom) which is weird because I feel it takes forever for my shoulder length hair to dry (like an hour and a half to two hours) and it breaks after stretching for a long time and is overly soft. I don't use a blow dryer, I don't curl my hair. I started cowashing my hair recently and I've stopped using SLS and 'cones in my hair. Any idea how to add both to my hair so that it can get the balance it needs? My hair is also very fine and thin. It's 2b/c right now but I see potential for it to be 3a when it starts growing out (I have a horrible short hair cut) should also mention that it's been probably 5 years since I've dyed my hair and it's been over 10 since I've permed my hair.

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