I'm just looking for some input from experienced parents out there. I've already gotten a carrier (2 actually, an ergo and another sling-type) and I'd really like to use that as much as possible.

The items in question are the carseat and stroller. Of course, I am going to get a carseat, I'm just not sure which one. I'm currently planning on getting a convertible seat - the kind that can face backward and forward and can grow with baby from newborn to toddler. I don't really want the infant kind that people take out and carry around. Like I said, I'd prefer to hold/wear baby than leave it in the carseat. I've heard lots of, "You never want to wake a sleeping baby...," but I'm just not sure, especially considering the recommendations that say not to leave babies in their carseats for longer than necessary. So, am I making sense here? Or stubborn and silly (and naive...)?

Next, I don't plan to get a stroller until at least 6 months or so. Because I don't really want the whole "travel system" thing, I'm planning on getting a lightweight umbrella type and using it only occasionally. I live in an area that isn't really walking friendly. My neighborhood has paths and such, but no where that we'd walk for errands or anything like that. So, the stroller would have to go in the car first, to where ever we're going, and then be unfolded, etc. Does that make sense?

Any recs on either of these (carseat or umbrella stroller)?
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I took many months before I used stroller. I mostly used infant/newborn carseat and my wraps. The stroller I purchased was a really old maclaren volo that doesn't recline or has a hood to it. Not ideal at all. My second stroller was one of those jogging type strollers for 2 kids. That one reclined. On rare occasions I still use it (my kids are 5 and 3.5).

I purchased the infant carrier (aka baby bucket). My kids slept in them on occasion. One kid I was ok with waking up in the middle of sleep. The other one was a nightmare if I did so. You'll figure it out. Not sure if that's helpful.

As for carriers this would be my first time trying an ergo on an infant and I'm looking forward to it. I used pouches, ring slings, and moby/didymos wraps on the other two. They were ok, but I got really hot really fast (I live in TX) when walking around outside. Great in the fall/winter though.

If your partner is much larger than you/smaller than you and also wants to carry, the moby is your best bang for your buck. It can fit a wide range of sizes.

Only you know what your sleep needs are and what is reasonable to expect. Some people need a full 8 hours or they can't function. Others can go with interrupted sleep/less sleep.

And then you have to factor in who's taking care of the baby. If you're sharing daytime care with someone else, you have to figure out if he/she is going to do their own thing (re sleeping patterns & rules) or adhere to what you want.