Im mixed to, also with super curly hair. When I was 3yrs old, my sisters started relaxing my hair. My mother took care of my sisters hair when they were growing up so they had nice hair, and they were teens when I was born and were kinda in charge of my hair. They said it was to hard to deal with so they relaxed it. My hair was really messed up, because of relaxing on and off from such a young age.
Because my hair was in such a bad state, I hated it, I thought that's how my hair just was and I thought if I carry on relaxing its the only way to get my hair at least a little acceptable.
I'm early 20s now and I went natural a few years back, its 1 of the best decisions Ive made.

I know it sounds dumb, but I honestly found that once I learned to love my hair, it started to love me back. I give my hair what it needs by taking care of it and it in return gives me what I need which is just something semi decent I can call hair lol

ETA: my sisters have never relaxed their hair, so I have no idea why they did mine. I think my hair is ruined for life now because I was too young.
Anyway, once your hair starts getting health, it will look AMAZING, every single curl type looks good and receives compliments, so your mum will realise soon.

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