Hi, I've just read all the comments here and wanted to tell you about my experience.

My hair pre-treatment is thick, coarse, very curly, dry and frizzy not to mention voluminous! To wash, dry and straighten I had to give myself an hour. If I then went out in the rain it would spring back into a frizzy mess. I carried hats with me all the time in case of rain!!

I had my first treatment two years ago and the results were amazing. I could dry my hair in ten mins it was straight, shiny, fell like silk and was soft and just amazing. I didn't need to iron it or use product. I went from Shirley Temple to Jennifer Aniston it was a miracle as far as I was concerned.

I've since had four more treatments and then last Nov I had another and i was told by my stylist that the product had been changed and that I could now wash it off immediately rather than the dreaded four days wait! Well, washed off it was like it hadn't been done. My stylist then did the treatment again and it was okay-ish, well ,better, but nothing like the previous treatments. Kera Straight agent gave reasons why it may not have worked, and so this time the stylist made sure he followed the book. This time I decided to leave it on for a couple days more and washed it off today.

What can I say, disaster again! It was flyaway, there was curl, the top layer of my hair had a frizziness to it. I certainly couldn't do the wash and go thing of the past. I am absolutely gutted and cross that I paid out all this money 115 for no result. I know the stylist will probs say do it again, but do I really want to do that.

Having read the consultants theory above that the product is good and that the stylist is not doing a good job, I'm wondering. But he's now done this six times for me, four good, two not. So surely he should know what he is doing?

Does anyone have any thoughts that may help me to decide where I go from here?

Thanks, Jane