Thank you both for your replies.

VaVa - Those are some great sites about allodynia...none of which I had come across yet, so I appreciate your finding them!

Crimson - Thanks for the recommendation of that website; I will be sure to check it out more thoroughly. As for taking medication, I don't actually take anything other than occasional Excedrin for headaches and very occasional allergy nose spray (and allergy shots). I have just recently moved out of state during which I sortof got off my regimen of taking multivitamins, so I think after reading your response and talking to some other folks that getting back on my multis and looking at some of the supplements that site recommends (as well as looking into some specific B complex ones as well) will be a good start.

Again, thank you both for your assistance

3a/2c depends on whims of the Great Hair Goddess

High density/med-high porosity
Mid back length
Low Poo Renpure Keratin or Dr. Bronners / ACV
CO Renpure (red)
LI EV coconut oil & pure shea butter; Jane Carter revitalizing LI (for beach days)

No cones or animal testing