Thanks for the suggestions, lucyprimrose. I might look into trying something for scalp sensitivity (since, no pun intended, that certainly couldn't hurt to try).
I am always hesitant to take medications but as merciless as this has become (with headaches and such a daily occurrence at this point) I will probably have to try something before too long. My husband has some experience taking Gabapentin for pain and it worked well for him. I plan to go get a physical and talk to a doctor very soon for all of this.

3a/2c depends on whims of the Great Hair Goddess

High density/med-high porosity
Mid back length
Low Poo Renpure Keratin or Dr. Bronners / ACV
CO Renpure (red)
LI EV coconut oil & pure shea butter; Jane Carter revitalizing LI (for beach days)

No cones or animal testing