hi folks

i have finally joined the site after lurking here for well over a year. i have been mostly cg for the last seventeen months, and have loved not having to cry and have fits over my hair. unfortunately, peace with my hair was shattered last friday with a terrible new hair cut.

my bangs were down below my chin, and the back was almost to my bra strap when i walked in asking for 2 or 3 inches off the back. she cut off closer to 5. i am over thinned out in the back only and cut so it sits just above my shoulders when curly. the bangs are not blended into the rest of the hair even though i asked for them to be shorter and blended in. i look simply terrible straight or curly. about the only way it looks half decent is to blow dry, iron it, and pin it all up into a stump leaving the small fringe out at the front. it is so short and thinned out that there is hardly anything left to pin up. i have almost no idea what to do with it now, thus joining the site here hoping someone could share some words of wisdom on how to deal with over thinned out curls.

by fluke, a woman with long ringlets came into where i work on the weekend. i got the name of her hairdresser and am going to see her for a consultation on wednesday. she is the first hairdresser i have talked to who loves curls. almost everyone else i have seen has wanted to iron my hair out flat.

i am mostly a 3a with some 2a. my hair looks best when its humid. i loath taking a lot of time to style my hair, and prefer to just use gel and let it air dry. i will often put it up. sometimes, i wear it ironed straight for a change. i am mostly cg, and only use one conditioner that contains silicone when i want to style my hair straight. it is very rare that i use a modified cg friendly shampoo.

i have loved being able to come here and read the message boards. i have learned so much, and have shared much of the information with friends and folks. i have also learned to love my curls.

please help me make peace with my curls again. i am desperate.


ps - i will try to get some pics uploaded and put the link in soon.