Most (if not all) of the conditioners that come with box dyes have at least one, probably more, cones in them, that's why they make our hair feel so good. I know this because I usually always throw them out and use my own conditioner (and I read the ingredients list on the box for the conditioners to see if they had cones before I threw them out).

I just dyed my hair this week, and decided to use the condish that came with the dye to cowash with on a whim. I surprised myself because the condish had 2 cones in it, and not low down on the list, either. I just wanted my hair to recover as quickly as possible and not look dry and damaged because I had a bridal shower to go to a couple of days after dying it.
I ACV'd and low-poo'd the next day to get the cones out, anyway.

Anyway, it's a trade off: do you want to be CG and not use silicones, or do you want your hair to feel as good as it does when you do, but know that those cones are building up? Because eventually it will not feel as good as it does when you start using condishes with cones. That's my experience, anyway. There are lots of condishs out there without cones that make my hair feel as good as the condishes in the box dyes. My favorite is Yes to Cucumbers. Sallys GVP is a close second.
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Yep. I'm playing with cone fire right now, not burned yet, but it's probably coming soon

I'll check out those conditioners. Thanks for the input! That was insightful.
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