Hello y'all! *waves* i've been natural for nearly 2years now and i still dont know what my hairtype is. Neither do i know what my porosity is nor my strand size :/. i feel like such a n00b eventhough i've been natural for a while now. Ive been debating between 4b or 4a, but the longer it gets the more it resembles 3c (though i still believe that im 4a) i've got tons of pictures for you guys and i appricitate you guys input and advice!

My dry hair in a lazy puff. (untill a couple of weeks a go i discovered that my hair was thirsty and REALLY dry)

My ashy scalp

rocking a 4day old dry braid out

My shrunken fro, 30minutes after i washed it.

close up

My bun..ish

My finally moisturised hair thanks to all you guy's tips and advice on the forum!!! i transitioned when i was 16 and for the first time in two years my hair is truely healthy! THANK YOU!!
(i sprayed it with water,glycerin and advocado oil)