I am in . I just used the Y.A.M. on my daughter's hair; harps started playing and angels started singing........

This stuff is AMAZING. Why oh why was I so late to the party?

I'm about to do my hair next. I might need a cigarette afterwards .........and I don't even smoke!
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REPEAT for my hair. The Y.A.M. is my new Boo....my new P.I.M.P.

I twisted afterwards only using the Palm Tapioca on naked hair. Uhm, no. The dews were high and so was my twistout-turned-into-big-@$$-'fro by the end of the day. I'm talkin' frizz galore and zero definition left by the time I got home from work. I probably should have sealed with an oil or pomade. I'll try this next time.

I re-twisted my big-@$$-'fro last night with the Silk&Honey Latte and a little KMFUM gel. Havin' a Happy Hair Day ya'll, hair still has decent definition so far, it's S.O.F.T. as all get out, and the smell....oooh-wee. Love love love the scent of the (vanilla-nectarine) latte. Take a back seat Oyin Hair Dew

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